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EE111 Electric Circuits-Lecture 0

EE111 Electric Circuits-Lecture 0

. 1 min read

Basic Course Information

Workload Grading Policy

Homework 30% Mid 20% Final 50%


• Charles K. Alexander and Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 5th edition, McGraw Hill, 2012.

• James W. Nilsson and Susan Riedel, Electric Circuits, 9th edition, Prentice Hall, 2010.

• 邱关源,罗先觉,《电路》,第五版,⾼等教育出版社,2006。

What is Electrical Engineering (EE)

“EE is the profession concerned with systems that produce, transmit, and measure electric signals. Electrical engineering combines the physicist’s models of natural phenomena with the mathematician’s tools for manipulating those models to produce systems that meet practical needs.”

Major Areas

Major Areas 主要领域
Power Systems 电⼒系统
Electromagnetics 电磁学
Communication Systems 通信系统
Signal Processing 信号处理
Electronics 电⼦学
Computer Systems 计算机系统
Control Systems 控制系统
Photonics 光⼦学

What will you learn from this course


You will learn various analysis methods in lectures to analyze the behavior of such electric circuits.

▪How does the circuit respond to a given input?

▪How do the elements and devices in the circuit interact?


You will also learn how to build and test basic electric circuits through labs!

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