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Lecture 2 Basic Laws & Circuit Analysis

Lecture 2 Basic Laws & Circuit Analysis

. 1 min read



  • number of independent KCL equations is nodes -1

  • number of independent KVL equations is meshes

  1. KCL
  2. KVL
  3. physical law of each element

physical law of each element

two techniques

  1. Nodal analysis节点分析法/电压法
  2. Mesh analysis网孔分析法/网孔电流法

Nodal analysis

steps as follow:

  1. Select a node as the reference (i.e. , ground) node
  2. assign $-v_{1},v_{2}\dots v_{n}-$ to the n nodes with unknown voltages
  3. Apply KCL at n nodes

core: 假设出节点电压,列写出网孔KCL

Mesh analysis


  • independent loop A loop is independent if it contains at least one branch which is not a part of any other independent loop

  • mesh is a loop that does not contain any other loop within it.

Steps as follow:

  1. Assign mesh currents $-i_{1},i_{2}\dots i_{m}-$ to the m meshes
  2. Apply KVL to the m meshes

for planar circuit(no crossing branch)

core: 假设出网孔电流,列写出网孔KVL


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